Ingo Schulze: Peter Holtz.
Sein glückliches Leben erzählt von ihm selbst

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Peter Holtz is a rascal; a profoundly naive character. He seeks happiness for everyone and he despises money. Even as a child in an orphanage he made attempts to do away with it. He believes in Communism and takes it at face value, as he would later  do with Christianity and the promises of capitalism. Holtz’s life principle is selflessness, which in turn transforms him into a wealthy man. With great story-telling skill, Ingo Schulze sends Peter Holtz into  the world and lets him call into question the self-evident certainties of our society. Discussion with Joseph Vogl.

Thursday, 21 Sep 2017

8 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Reading: Ingo Schulze

Introduction and discussion: Joseph Vogl

In German

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