Ulrich Gerhardt:
Verborgene Chronik 1914–1918


For their historical account of the First World War, told from the perpective of a “history from the trenches”, writers Lisbeth Exner and Herbert Kapfer have compiled and packed more than 1000 diary entries by over 100 authors into a 19-hour audio book edition, Verborgene Chronik 1914–1918 (directed by Ulrich Gerhardt). The private accounts provide insights into daily life on and behind the front lines; they document fears, hate and despair. World events are juxtaposed with the limitations of individual perceptions. Production: Der Hörverlag. In cooperation with Verlag Galiani Berlin.

Saturday, 4 Nov 2017

6 pm



Audio Book Presentation with Herbert Kapfer (author), Ulrich Gerhardt (director)

Moderation: Christoph Lindenmeyer. 

In German language

€ 6/4


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