The Future of Theatre Documentation


How can an ephemeral art form such as theatre be capturedfor posterity? Inspired by Brecht and Felsenstein’s works for the theatre, 50 years ago members of the Performing Arts Section at the Akademie (in the GDR) initiated a plan to document theatre productions. Bettina Bartz, Barbara Gronau, Susanne Knapp, Annemarie Matzke, Sergio Morabito, Luk Perceval, Stephan Suschke, et al., discuss the procedures documenting a complex, collective process of artistic production, and how such documentation can be made transparent to the public.

Sunday, 5 Nov 2017

10 am



In cooperation with Förderverein Theaterdokumentation e. V., Stiftung Universität Hildesheim, Universität der Künste

Welcome: Werner Heegewaldt, Nele Hertling

In German

Admission free