Oliver Sturm: Die Umsiedler
Based on a novel by Arno Schmidt

Radio Play and Discussion

More than 13 million refugees were displaced in the years after the Second World War. They had to be cared for in emergency shelters by their own compatriots. But they were not welcome. Arno Schmidt captures this inner German xenophobia in his short novel Die Umsiedler. Directed by Oliver Sturm, the radio play version contrasts Schmidt's metaphorical wit and verbal power with documentary material of the time, taking on an alarming topicality. In German.

Sunday, 3 Dec 2017

7 pm



Radio Play by Anna Pein based on Arno Schmidt. 72 Min., NDR/WDR 2017 

Talk with Oliver Sturm, Susanne Fischer, Bernd Rauschenbach, Andreas Kossert

In German

6/4 €


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