Benjamin and Brecht.
Thinking in Extremes Never-Ending Crisis

Theatre Performance

In 1931, Brecht and Benjamin, together with other artists and scholars, planned to publish a journal called Krise und Kritik (Crisis and Criticism). They established a group intended to realise “a far-reaching production accompanied by results” – through collective work. But the project failed. Why? The public is invited to a re-enactment of the recorded conversations. The evening’s actors take the audience on a journey into crisis, which always exists: Does an utopia with open boundaries have to fail? In cooperation with the Brechtfestival Augsburg.

The exhibition "Benjamin and Brecht. Thinking in Extremes" will be open until midnight. At 9 pm, Jule Böttner offers a guided tour.

Thursday, 14 Dec 2017

7:30 pm



Theatrical experiment with Friederike Heller, Peter Thiessen, Sabine Kohlstedt, Eva Löbau, Christoph Gawenda

In German

€ 13/7
€ 17/10 with the exhibition

Exhibition open until midnight


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