Monday reception at the home of Curt Glaser, March 1929, from the left: Bruno Cassirer, Else Cassirer, Dody Scheffler, Karl Scheffler, Hans Purrmann, Rudolf Grossmann (extract). Photographer: unknown (Käte Wittkower?), AdK, Berlin, Karl Scheffler Archive

Artist and critic. Hans Purrmann and Karl Scheffler in letters

Book Presentation

In Berlin in the 1920s, the art debates and developments surrounding the magazine Kunst und Künstler formed the starting point for a lifelong exchange between painter Hans Purrmann (1880–1966) and critic Karl Scheffler (1869–1951). Scheffler followed the successful painter in a series of articles, Purrmann for his part expressed himself in the magazine with texts on the history of art.

Bernhard Maaz will give an introductory lecture and Ulrich Noethen and Sabin Tambrea will read from previously unpublished letters.

Thursday, 14 Oct

Book Presentation with Bernhard Maaz, Ulrich Noethen and Sabin Tambrea

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