European Alliance of Academies Battle with the Empty Sky: Language, nationalism and freedom of art in early 21st-century Europe

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Our language is a defining part of identity and culture in Europe – it is however a changing entity which keeps reflecting the current changes of our society, politics and everyday lives. How is our language affected when politics moves in a populist, nationalist, or other radical direction? Which linguistic mechanisms and tools do the latest political tendencies use? The open debate with well-known authors from all over Europe will analyze these questions to trace down the same signs in our everyday, political and artistic language.

Preliminary workshops with the writers Luc Devoldere and László Márton and local students will deal with the topics The Freedom of Writing and Political Activity vs. Artistic Autonomy.

An event by European Alliance of Academies. In cooperation with Society of Hungarian Authors, Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature, German Academy for Language and Literature and Royal Society of Literature.
Funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb).

Friday, 29 Oct 2021

7 pm

Discussion and workshops with Sophie Collins, Luc Devoldere, Anna Gács, László Marton, Robert Menasse, Daljit Nagra et al.

Live from FUGA – Budapest Center of Architecture

In English

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