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Friday, 29 Oct
Live Stream

7 pm

European Alliance of Academies Battle with the Empty Sky: Language, nationalism and freedom of art in early 21st-century Europe

Discussion and workshops with Sophie Collins, Luc Devoldere, Anna Gács, László Marton, Robert Menasse, Daljit Nagra et al.

Live from FUGA – Budapest Center of Architecture

In English

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Syowia Kyambi, Kaspale/The Lecture Room Intervention, Video Still. Photo: Carl Kühl, MARKK Museum, 2019



UNEXPECTED LESSONS – Decolonizing Memory and Knowledge

Talks, Lectures, Films, Artistic Interventions

In English

Video recordings from 11 and 12 June 2021 on

Yvan Sagnet performing as Jesus during the movie shoot of "The New Gospel" by Milo Rau in Matera (Italy), 2019. © 2019 Fruitmarket/Langfilm/IIPM. Photo: Armin Smailovic


Films and Discussions

School of Resistance

In search of strategies of resistance, Milo Rau, the IIPM and the NTGent founded a globally networked "School of Resistance". As a symbolic institution of the future, it has now come to the Akademie der Künste, Berlin. Discussions with activists and artists as well as film screenings. In German and English. Livestreams from 24 to 28 Feb 2021.