Please note the current Health and Safety Regulations in the Academy buildings.

Photo: Elfi Mikesch © OH MUVIE FOTO-FILM 2020

1 – 4 Oct
Film Screening

Pariser Platz

Black Box

EMOP Opening Days Photofilm series

La Jetée by Chris Marker, Salut les Cubains by Agnès Varda, Tue recht und scheue niemand by Jutta Brückner, 35 Fotos by Helke Misselwitz, Väntan (Das Warten) by Peter Nestler, Radfahrer by Marc Thümmler, Lange Weile by Tina Bara, Wünsdorf by Elfi Mikesch

1 Oct, noon – midnight

2 – 4 Oct., 11 am – 7:30 pm

In German and English

Free admission

Access is possible after registration at the counter and depending on available seats.

Stefanie Moshammer, Warm Heart, 2020
Saturday, 3 Oct

2 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

EMOP Opening Days Photography between art and mass medium

Panel with Jörg Colberg, Florian Ebner, Anika Meier, Kathrin Peters, Ingo Taubhorn

Moderation: Stefanie Diekmann

In German

€ 3

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The November / December programme will be released from mid-October 2020.