Käthe Reichel
Brecht’s Pupil – A Whole Life Long

Archive Opening

Throughout her lifetime Käthe Reichel saw herself as a pupil of Bertolt Brecht, whom she met for the first time in 1950. “Saint Joan of the Stockyards” was her life role and Brecht’s message about the changeability of the world was her vision, which she unwaveringly followed. The great actress and political activist is remembered in film clips and a tribute by Klaus Völker. Petra Kelling and Christian Grashof read from her previously unpublished correspondence with Brecht. Esther Slevogt leads a discussion with Kurt Groenewold and the participants.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

11 am


Studio Lobby

Archive opening with Stephan Dörschel, Klaus Völker, Petra Kelling, Christian Grashof, Kurt Groenewold, Esther Slevogt

In German language

€ 6/4 


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