Andres Veiel: Beuys

Film and Talk

The man with the hat, felt and “fat corner”. A visionary: “Money cannot be a commodity”; who also declared “Everyone is an artist”; and explained art to a dead hare. Veiel confesses: “Beuys was my hero.” This unique time document emerged from a previously untapped and complex collage of video and audio material on the artist. Beuys is not a classic portrait, but an analysis of the man, his art and his visionary ideas. The discussion includes Andres Veiel, curator Eugen Blume and economist Rudolf Hickel. Presentation: Stefan Reinecke (taz).

Wednesday, 7 Jun 2017

7 pm



Film Beuys, D 2017, 107 Min.

Talk with Andres Veiel, Eugen Blume and Rudolf Hickel

Moderation: Stefan Reinecke

In German language

6/4 €


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