Benjamin and Brecht.
Thinking in Extremes Im Dickicht der Zettel. Bertolt Brecht:
Notizbücher 1921, Band 3

Book Presentation

Brecht’s theatre play Im Dickicht is the main focus of his notebooks from 1921. Unlike his usual methods, he worked on this piece alone and on all scenes simultaneously. Walking along, back and forth, under the falling leaves of the chestnuts, he noted down word exchanges and shreds of sentences in a notebook and on loose sheets of paper. Like a mosaic, he arranged the pieces into a most unusual theatrical work. This new volume reconstructs the nearly ecstatic writing process and reveals an unknown side of Brecht, the dramatist. With Kathrin Röggla and the editors Martin Kölbel and Peter Villwock.

Monday, 20 Nov 2017

Book presentation with Kathrin Röggla, Martin Kölbel, Peter Villwock

Exhibition open 5–10 pm

In German

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