Tours and workshops

Regular tours 

Thursdays, 6 pm, on Sundays, 11.30 am

 € 2 plus exhibition ticket


"Electrical Walks" with Christina Kubisch

12, 15, 19, 4.30 pm


Curators’ Tours

Wilfried Wang 13 Mar, 11 am

Barbara Hoidn 10 Apr, 11 am; 29 May, 3 pm


Curators’ Tours for school groups

Wilfried Wang 13 and 20 Apr, 11 am

Barbara Hoidn 11 May, 11 am


Special tours for groups in English, French, Russian and Hungarian (€ 30 plus exhibition ticket) and for school groups (€ 30), with prior reservations.


Workshops for school groups, also for welcoming school classes and for homeless children are led by Academy members and fellows.

Further information on the KUNSTWELTEN web pages (in German).