“Fritz, I like the way you grasp the situation by its balls” Fritz Balthaus

Exhibition Opening

Fritz Balthaus is an author, art theorist and contextual artist. For the Akademie der Künste, he has developed 13 site-specific interventions for the public areas and garden at the Hanseatenweg building. His incisive and thought-provoking works critique the freedom of art so commonly asserted in society. On closer examination, society’s much vaunted ‘artistic freedom’ seems subject to the same constraints as commissioned art—and so may be nothing more than the liberty to raise the issue of art’s lack of freedom. In this spirit, Fritz Balthaus’s interventions undermine and clash with the accepted rules of art and the ‘house rules’ of the Akademie der Künste’s building.

A catalogue on the exhibition (32 pages, 13 colour images).
Shown as part of the Berlin Art Week 2015

Tuesday to Sundays 11am – 7pm. Free admission.
Artist’s Tours: Sunday 6.9 and Sunday 20.9, 2pm.

Thursday, 3 Sep 2015

6:30 pm


Studio Lobby

Exhibition opening with Fritz Balthaus, Wulf Herzogenrath and Anke Hervol

admission free