Jonathan Franzen Purity – Unschuld

Book Release

Jonathan Franzen’s global bestsellers The Corrections and Freedom were both publishing sensations. Now, this ‘Great American Novelist’ (Time magazine) and member of the Akademie der Künste is presenting his new novel, released simultaneously in America under the title Purity and in German translation as Unschuld. With Purity, Franzen, who studied in Berlin in the early 1980s, has created a brilliant American-German social novel exploring the nature of guilt in all its many facets. The epic scope of this deeply black comedy of youthful idealism, boundless loyalty, and the battle of the sexes also includes the years of a divided Germany and the fall of the Wall. Wieland Freund in conversation with Jonathan Franzen.

Saturday, 10 Oct 2015

8 pm



Reading and Wieland Freund in conversation with Jonathan Franzen in German.

€ 15/10


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