Konrad Wolf Prize 2015
awarded to Christoph Schlingensief/ Opera Village in Burkina Faso

Award Ceremony

The jury for 2015, which includes Alexander Horwath, Naum Kleeman and Georg Seeßlen, has voted to award this year’s prestigious Konrad Wolf Prize posthumously to Christoph Schlingensief. In its statement, the jury noted: “Konrad Wolf was a political filmmaker. Inspired by the great, sceptical project of humanism, he believed one should not only consider what films show, but also what they achieve. To reflect the prize’s intellectual dimension, it is to be awarded to a film artist who never wavered from his own autobiographical vision and never surrendered his political independence—that filmmaker is Christoph Schlingensief. The material value is to be donated to the Opera Village in Burkina Faso, specifically to the planned support for young people to acquire a knowledge of film as a means of expression and—in full awareness of our obligation to Konrad Wolf—we place our hopes in the lyricism and force for change in the African cinema of the future.”

The prize receives Aino Laberenz (Opera Village Africa, CEO).

Laudatio Georg Seeßlen
Presented and chaired by Rosa von Praunheim
Guest Dietrich Kuhlbrodt

Tuesday, 20 Oct 2015

8 pm



admission free


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