Arno Schmidt „Zettel‘s Traum“/„Bottom´s Dream“
Aus der Übersetzungswerkstatt


Complex prose rich in freshly coined words, countless literary allusions concealed in the fabric of a dense, polylingual text of 1500 pages: “Zettel’s Traum”, Arno Schmidt’s monumental work published in 1970, was long held to be untranslatable. But John E. Woods was fool enough to attempt the task, the result is “Bottom’s Dream”, from which he will read. He and Ingo Schulze will discuss, in English and German, what happened in the process of translation.
This special event accompanies the exhibition on Arno Schmidt.

Tuesday, 1 Dec 2015

8 pm


Studio Lobby

From the Translator’s Workshop with John E. Woods, Ingo Schulze (in German and English).

€ 5/3


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