In Dialogue with Vilém Flusser Within the scope of the Vilém Flusser Exhibition


As part of the exhibition „Without Ground – Vilém Flusser and the Arts“ we invite the public to an open dialogue. Part of the programme of „Flusser Talks“, is that we always make sure Vilém Flusser has his say. Short clips of archival recordings of Vilém Flusser help us hone in on the topic to experience a true dialogue, a creative engagement in question and answer. We seek responsivenesses in the participants’ particular ranges of interests in order to form responsibilities: from the gesture of projection to the technical conditions of media practises, from the limits of the consciously programmed projection of meaning into the absurdity of being without firm ground.

„We no longer lean over the world, to decipher it, but we rather project our own meaning to the world.“
Vilém Flusser, Alle Revolutionen sind technische Revolutionen.
With Suzana Alpsancar (e.g. „Das Ding namens Computer. Eine kritische Neulektüre Vilém Flussers und Mark Weisers“), Katerina Krtilova (e.g. „Gesten des Denkes. Vilém Flussers ‚Theorie der Gesten‘ als Medienphilosophie“), Katrin Weiden (e.g. „Gesten des Entwerfens. Imagination, neue Einbildungskraft und Intuition bei Flusser“) and Steffi Winkler (e.g. Co-Ed. „Play it again, Vilém! Medien und Spiel im Anschluß an Vilém Flusser“).

Afterwards curator Baruch Gottlieb and the Flusser experts of the Flusser Talks will guide the interested public through the exhibition.


7 pm – 8.30 pm Flusser Talks „Projection“ with Steffi Winkler, Suzana Alpsancar, Katerina Krtilova, Katrin Weiden
Short break
9 pm – 10 pm Guided tour with curator Baruch Gottlieb and Flusser experts of the Flusser Talks

Suzana Alpsancar studied Philosophy, Linguistics and History in Chemnitz. After receiving her PhD in Darmstadt in Philosophy she has been a Postdoc in Darmstadt, Yale and Brunswick. She has also taught in Kaiserslautern and Witte/Herdecke. She now works on „the language of biofacts“ and „the problem of technological determinism“ (Habilitation-project). She is mainly interested in the Philosophy of Science and Technology, Phenomenology (Husserl, Arendt, Flusser) and Philosophy of Nature.

Katerina Krtilova is a researcher and coordinator of the Kompetenzzentrum Medienanthropologie (Competence Center for Media Anthropology) at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. After graduating in Media Studies, Philosophy and Humanities in Prague she worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Electronic Culture and Semiotics at Charles University in Prague and the International Research Institute for Cultural Techniques and Media Philosophy (Internationales Kolleg für Kulturtechnikforschung und Medienphilosophie, IKKM) in Weimar. In 2013/2014 she initiated and coordinated the DFG funded research project „Positions and Perspectives of German and Czech Media Philosophy“. 2014 she received a PhD grant from Bauhaus-University to finish her dissertation on Vilém Flusser’s media philosophy („Ruptures and Gestures of Thinking, Vilém Flusser’s Media Philosophy“). Recent Publications: „Anderes Erkennen. Zur Greifbarkeit und Undurchdringlichkeit medialer Praktiken“, in: Jörg Sternagel, Dieter Mersch und Lisa Stertz (Hg.), Kraft der Alterität. Ethische und aisthetische Dimensionen des Performativen. (2015); „Medienreflexiv. Zur Genese eines Verfahrens zwischen Martin Heidegger und Vilém Flusser“, in: Internationales Jahrbuch für Medienphilosophie 1/2015; „Media matter. Materiality and Performativity in Media Theory”, in: Bernd Herzogenrath (ed.), Media | Matter, London/New York: Bloomsbury 2015.

Dr. des. Katrin Weiden, born in 1978, studied philosophy, German philology and theater, film and television studies at the University of Cologne; doctoral studies at the Muthesius art college in Kiel; Ph.D dissertation is titled „Öko-Logik des Und. Kreative Verbindungen in der Maschinen- und Apparatetheorie bei Deleuze, Guattari und Flusser“; lecturer (since 2008) and guest professor of media sciences at the Muthesius art college in Kiel (10/2014-03/2015).
Steffi Winkler is a doctoral researcher and visiting lecturer at the Institute for Media and Communication Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin and a research fellow at the Vilém Flusser Archive at the Berlin University of the Arts. As a Berlin Funding for Graduates fellow, she is currently doing research on the processes of transformation of media and communication structures and their connections to world and self projection. She is co-initiator and -organiser of the international symposium series on media culture following Vilém Flusser (Natal 2012, Berlin 2014) as well as co-editor of the conference proceedings („Vom Begriff zum Bild“ 2013, „Play it again, Vilém!“ 2015).

Wednesday, 25 Nov 2015

7 pm


Studio Lobby

Panel Discussion with Suzana Alpsancar, Katrin Weiden, Steffi Winkler, Katerina Krtilova.

€ 5/3, free with exhibition ticket 


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