Péter Esterházy "Die Markus-Version"

Book Release

The narrator of this Gospel of St. Mark à la Esterházy says nothing with the spoken word. He allows his family – father, mother, stepbrother, two grandmothers – to believe that he is a deaf mute. And yet he is the chronicler of their history. Throughout a good one hundred pages a family story is told with everything that it entails, including murder and homicide. In his gospel Péter Esterházy provides proof of the existence of God in a godforsaken world – and after a hundred pages the reader suspects that God is Hungarian. Introduction and discussion by Sigrid Löffler.

Thursday, 7 Apr 2016

8 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Reading Péter Esterházy. Introduction and Discussion Sigrid Löffler.
€ 5/3
In German language


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