TANZ IM AUGUST Eszter Salamon with Christophe Wavelet "MONUMENT 0.2: Valda & Gus"

Dance Performance

In MONUMENT 0.2: Valda & Gus, the legendary dancers Valda Setterfield and Gus Solomons Jr. are center stage again and look at the history of dance together. After they reflected on their past work with choreographers like Merce Cunningham, Marie Rambert, Yvonne Rainer, and Martha Graham in MONUMENT 0.1, the new piece emphasizes the relation between the body, gestures, history and memory. MONUMENT 0.2: Valda & Gus will also see the opening of a unique archive featuring materials from 60 years of dance, as seen by Valda and Gus. MONUMENT 0.2: Valda & Gus, the third part of Eszter Salamon’s series about the relation between choreography and history, is a performative installation that revolves around the construction of memory, and poses questions about archiving, documentation and transmission of art.

19 — 21 Aug 2016



Fri, 7 pm
Sat+Sun, 5 pm

€ 25/15
Tanzcard valid.
Tickets: www.tanzimaugust.de