Katja Lange-Müller "Drehtür"

Book Release

The eagerly awaited new novel by Katja Lange-Müller takes up a current, existential topic: helping and its risks. It focuses on Asta, who, after 22 years in the service of international relief organisations, is stranded at the Munich airport. A victim of mobbing from her co-workers during her last position at a hospital ward in Nicaragua, she doesn’t know how to proceed. And she only feels good when she is needed. While Asta smokes and thinks about her future next to a revolving door, she encounters people whom she believes she knows from her past. With every cigarette she immerses herself more deeply into her past ...

Tuesday, 30 Aug 2016

8 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Reading by Katja Lange-Müller
Opening remarks: Friedrich Christian Delius
Introduction and discussion: Denis Scheck

In cooperation with the publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch

€ 5/3
In German language


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