Konrad Wolf Prize 2016 Nicola Hümpel /
Nico and the Navigators

Award Ceremony

In 1998, Nicola Hümpel founded Nico and the Navigators together with Oliver Proske. Their productions, which have always explored the absurdities and abysses of people’s behaviour, rituals and habits, have been shown around the world. At various drama institutions Nicola Hümpel teaches the method of “guided improvisation” developed with her ensemble.

Jury member Nele Hertling discusses the ensemble’s development and particular aesthetics with Nicola Hümpel, Academy members Corinna Harfouch and Jossi Wieler as well as Jochen Noch and Charles Adrian Gillott.

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2016

7 pm



Award ceremony with Charles Adrian Gillott, Corinna Harfouch, Nele Hertling, Nicola Hümpel, Jochen Noch, Jossi Wieler

From 5 pm videos in the foyer

Free admission

In German language