Sonar Quartett:
Utopie String Quartet I "Out of Space"

Concert and Discussion

The Sonar Quartett is celebrating its tenth anniversary with an unusual concert series. The “Utopie Streichquartett” (Utopia String Quartet) exemplarily presents developments from modernity to today in six programmes ending in March 2017.

The series focuses on diverse aspects, juxtaposing key compositions, interdisciplinary and media works with ‘pure’ ensemble works, and including discussion forums. For the opening concert on 3 Oct, the quartet is supported by dancers and, among others, masters of improvisation Michael Wertmüller and Dieter Ammann.

Sydney Corbett fractured eden (2006)

Arnold Schönberg 2. string quartette op. 10 fis-Moll (1908)

Programme booklet (in German, PDF download)

Monday, 3 Oct 2016

6 pm



Works by Sydney Corbett und Arnold Schönberg
Choreography: Sergiu Matis
Soprano: Virpi Räisänen

Followed by a discussion with Rainer Nonnenmann, Jörg Mainka and guests

€ 10/8

(€ 15/10 Combined ticket for Utopie String Quartet I and II)


Tel.: (030) 200 57-1000

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