Ellen Auerbach Scholarship for Photography

Award Ceremony

Brussels-based artist Stephanie Kiwitt (born 1972) has been awarded the 2016 Ellen Auerbach Scholarship for International Photography. In work groups, series or artist’s books, she explores topics such as daily life in cities, fragile urban structures, consumerism, the commodity cult and the body culture. The ceremony also presents Licht und Angst, a new catalogue by Julian Röder, made possible by the 2014 Auerbach Scholarship and issued in cooperation with the Haus am Waldsee to accompany Röder’s exhibition there from November this year.

Followed by Antonia Lerch's film portrait „ELLEN AUERBACH, FOTOGRAFIN, GEBOREN 1906“

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016

7 pm


Studio Lobby

Award ceremony for Stephanie Kiwitt. With Hubertus von Amelunxen, Barbara Klemm and Ute Eskildsen.

Book presentation: Julian Röder

Film by Antonia Lerch ELLEN AUERBACH, FOTOGRAFIN, GEBOREN 1906, 1993, 57 min.

In German language

Free admission

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