The Berlin Secession, 1899–1937. Chronicle, Context, Fate

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The history of the Berlin Secession is a mirror of its epoch: It represented the proverbial red cloth for the emperor, a brilliant societal hub for Berlin’s bourgeoisie, and for modern artists the eye of a needle to fame as well as a battleground for bitter rivalries. Nevertheless, until now, focus has been placed squarely on its “heyday” until 1913. Representing 15 years of work, Anke Matelowski has re-examined the history of the Secession, which continued until 1937. Cooperation with the publisher Nimbus. Kunst und Bücher.

Wednesday, 4 Oct 2017

7 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Illustrated lecture, reading, discussion: Bernhard Echte and Anke Matelowski

Welcome: Werner Heegewaldt

In German

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Nimbus. Kunst und Bücher


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