Düttmann 101

Reading, Talk, Music, Film

The architect and urban planner Werner Düttmann (1921–1983) would have turned 100 in 2021. One year later, members, musicians, archive users, friends and researchers will meet in the Akademie der Künste building he designed.

In talks, readings, films and with music by Can, Werner Düttmann, long-time president of the artists’ society, will be remembered through his buildings, designs, writings and what remains.


8 pm, Studio

Jeanine Meerapfel, President of the Akademie der Künste

Nele Hertling, Director of the Performing Arts Section

Lost but Grounded plays by Can Mary, Mary, So Contrary

Uwe Johnson’s 60th Birthday Congratulations for Werner Düttmann (1981), read by Felix Theissen

Film clips
Werner Düttmann at the opening of the new building of the Akademie der Künste (SFB, 1960)
Werner Düttmann explains and draws the academy building (ZDF, 1965)

Martina Düttmann Das Haus der Akademie (1990), read by Angela Winkler

Film interview
Robert Wilson in conversation with Nele Hertling, 2022

Adrian von Buttlar, Architectural historian The Academy was my home 1956–1964. Contemporary witnessing from the frog’s perspective

Rainer Maria Rilke, Poems, read by Angela Winkler

Companions and contemporary witnesses remember
Moderation: Nele Hertling and Hans Düttmann

Werner DüttmannNachdenken über Architektur. Reden und Schriften, Akademie der Künste, Berlin 2021
Text selection read by Felix Theissen
Introduction: Sibylle Hoiman, Editor and Head of the Architectural Archives of the AdK, Berlin

Emil Brechenmacher Entwerfen, 2021

”Werner Düttmann — Grundrisse einer besseren Welt”, works by students of the UdK Berlin, History and Theory of Architecture
Introduction: Matthias Noell, UdK

Lost but Grounded plays by Can Uphill

10.30 pm, Clubraum

”Treppenreden” by Werner Düttmann, read by Felix Theissen

5–6 Mar, Hanseatenweg 10, Glasgang

„Werner Düttmann – Grundrisse einer besseren Welt“

Saturday, 5 Mar 2022

With Adrian von Buttlar, Hans Düttmann, Nele Hertling, Sibylle Hoiman, Matthias Noell, Felix Theissen, Robert Wilson and Angela Winkler

Music: Lost but Grounded

In German

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