Die Sorglosschlafenden, die Frischaufgeblühten

Theatre Performance

Christoph Marthaler’s Die Sorglosschlafenden, die Frischaufgeblühten is a quiet and grandiose homage to director Klaus Michael Grüber and poet Friedrich Hölderlin. Of exquisite musicality with a wonderfully homogeneous ensemble, it refers to the love of art as a motif of existence.

Theatre guest performance: Die Sorglosschlafenden, die Frischaufgeblühten
Production DeutschesSchauSpielHaus Hamburg in cooperation with Schauspielhaus Zürich & Akademie der Künste
Ensemble members & guests DeutschesSchauSpielHaus

The theatre performance and colloquium from 14 – 16 May are dedicated to the director Klaus Michael Grüber (1941–2008). Grüber started out as a director with Giorgio Strehler in Milan, and from 1972, he left his mark on the Schaubühne over the course of 20 years alongside Peter Stein. From 1975, he also worked and lived in France. With painters such as Eduardo Arroyo, Gilles Aillaud and Antonio Recalcati, he found new places for theatre: In 1975 he staged Faust in Paris in the chapel of the Hôpital de la Salpêtrière and in 1977 he staged Winterreise im Olympiastadion after Hölderlin in Berlin. Grüber succeeded in extracting images from the spatial dimensions that penetrated deep into the “cold heart” of the city.

Colloquium and theatre guest performance funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

16 — 17 May 2022

Theatre guest performance 16 May & 17 May, 8 pm

Director: Christoph Marthaler
Texts: Friedrich Hölderlin
Music: Bach, Beethoven, Schubert et al.

In German

€ 28/22


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