What kind of thing is that? An orchestra without a conductor and without music stands? Visitors can see and hear the Splitter Orchestra up close: from right in the middle of it! There are some very special instruments to discover, some of them homemade and unique. And at the end of the concert there will be time for questions and the opportunity to take a close look at the instruments.
At Schrumpf! Berlin ensembles present their current productions in a family format. New art forms are discovered, places explored, movements tried out, sounds listened to - and everyone can join in. Daniella Strasfogel is a violinist, performer and facilitator in Berlin. In 2018, she founded LOUDsoft out of the impulse to create multidimensional musical experiences for and with families.

Artistic direction and moderation: Daniella Strasfogel
Graphic design: Suse Sebald
Press and public relations: Nora Gores
Documentation: Christina Voigt
Production management: Lisa Mitschke

Schrumpf! is a project by LOUDsoft. Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe of the State of Berlin.
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"SHRUMPF! Oktopus" takes place in cooperation with the Splitter Orchester and the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

Media partners: taz.die tageszeitung, Field Notes, Raspberry, Kindaling

Daniella Strasfogel
is a violinist, performer and mediator in Berlin. She is a founding member of the soloist ensemble Kaleidoskop in Berlin. In 2018 she initiated the audience talk series "The Artist Talk!" at Kaleidoskop, which aims at an exchange between artists* and audience. In 2018, she founded LOUDsoft out of the impulse to create multidimensional musical experiences for and with families. The first production "HopSkipJump - Family Concerts for All Senses" (2019) included 13 performances in four different Berlin districts.

The Splitter Orchestra consists of 23 musicians, all of whom are also composers. They move in the border area between new music, improvisation, sound art, pop and rock. The Splitter Orchestra brings together musicians from over ten nations, all of whom live in Berlin, to improvise collectively. Many of the musicians play self-made instruments or have greatly expanded and modified their instruments. The focus of the collective music is on the way in which the sought-after sound is produced and staged in space. In contrast to composed music, the focus here is often on the structure of the sound and its spatiality rather than its temporal organisation. 

LOUDsoft - Music experiences for children, young people and families, is a think tank for projects that create access to the world of classical or contemporary music and music theatre for children, young people and their parents. LOUDsoft was founded in 2018 by violinist and performer Daniella Strasfogel, out of an impulse to create family events that she herself would enjoy going to with her family. LOUDsoft seeks to build bridges between the worlds of children's art and adult art, bringing interactive and challenging musical experiences to the stage for young people and their families.

Sunday, 28 Aug 2022

3 pm


Studio, small auditorium

Lecture-concert with Splitter Orchester

Presenter: Daniella Strasfogel (Artistic director)

For families & children from 4 years

In German

€ 6


Tel.: (030) 200 57-1000


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Please note that there are no price reductions or free admission for this event.