Hans & Lea Grundig. The Letters – a Workshop Report

Book Presentation and Discussion

The letters between the painter Hans Grundig (1901–1958) and the graphic artist Lea Grundig (1906–1977) deal with Jewish identity, art and love, with imprisonment and flight during the National Socialist era, and finally with the return to a destroyed Dresden. The volume of essays Schreibe mir nur immer viel opens up the enormous dimension of the correspondence and at the same time forms the prelude to the planned edition of the private correspondence currently in progress. Eckhart Gillen will talk about it with the authors Beate Schreiber, Claus Löser and the editor Kathleen Krenzlin. Nele Rößler and Dominikus Weileder will read from unpublished letters.

Thursday, 13 Oct 2022

7 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

With Eckhart Gillen, Kathleen Krenzlin, Claus Löser, Nele Rößler, Beate Schreiber, Dominikus Weileder

Welcome: Werner Heegewaldt
Greeting: Daniela Trochowski

In German

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