Péter Nádas „Zuerst das Bild, dann das Wort“

Archive Opening

The archive of Péter Nádas will be ceremoniously opened in his presence. After an appreciation of the Hungarian writer and photographer’s oeuvre by Lothar Müller, Navid Kermani, Katharina Raabe and Iris Radisch will engage in a discussion with the author. Ulrich Matthes reads from his early work and Péter Nádas from his latest novel Schauergeschichten. A showcase presentation with writings and memorabilia provides an insight into the artist’s extensive legacy.

Sunday, 16 Oct 2022

11 am

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Reading & Talk with Péter Nádas

Welcoming: Werner Heegewaldt
Introduction: Lothar Müller
Talk: Navid Kermani, Iris Radisch & Katharina Raabe (Moderation)
Reading: Ulrich Matthes
Music: Matan Porat

In German
€ 6/4


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