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Yvan Sagnet performing as Jesus during the movie shoot of "The New Gospel" by Milo Rau in Matera (Italy), 2019. © 2019 Fruitmarket/Langfilm/IIPM. Photo: Armin Smailovic


Films and Discussions

School of Resistance

In search of strategies of resistance, Milo Rau, the IIPM and the NTGent founded a globally networked "School of Resistance". As a symbolic institution of the future, it has now come to the Akademie der Künste, Berlin. Discussions with activists and artists as well as film screenings. In German and English. Livestreams from 24 to 28 Feb 2021.

Photo: Akademie der Künste


Academy Discussions

16th Academy Discussion: About Cinema Landscapes and Streaming Worlds

How can cinemas and streaming offers inspire each other? How can the cinema be saved for the future? Akademie president Jeanine Meerapfel will discuss these issues with Jon Barrenechea, Christine Berg, Meret Ruggle, Christoph Terhechte and Anna Winger. The discussion will be moderated by film critic Andreas Kilb. In English. Recording of the live stream on 9 Feb 2021.

Photo: Gernot Krämer


Reading and Discussion

Minsk. Contradictions of Utopia

According to Stephan Wackwitz in his essay in Sinn und Form, Belarus is still the least known country in Europe despite the current media interest. The West knows nothing of the reinvention of an entire national culture. Reading and discussion with Stephan Wackwitz, Maryna Rakhlei and Yaraslava Ananka. Moderation: Matthias Weichelt. In German.