Reinhard Jirgl "Oben das Feuer, unten der Berg"

Book Premiere

Berlin, October 2012, a woman has disappeared. As a historian, Theresa once had access to highly sensitive or even absurd documents in the GDR’s secret archives. When she was sidelined, her knowledge nevertheless remained quite dangerous, even after 1989. Reinhard Jirgl tells another story of German reunification – one of a great bureaucratic reorganization, which left intact those systems that the past had believed in: old boys’ networks, organizations, enmities. He describes the domination and power of yesterday through today; the murderer through its victims. Introduced by Lothar Müller.

Tuesday, 8 Mar 2016

8 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Reading Reinhard Jirgl. Introduction and Discussion Lothar Müller.
€ 5/3
In German language


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