Christa Wolf
Man steht sehr bequem zwischen allen Fronten, Briefe 1952–2011

Book Premiere

Christa Wolf was an incredibly prolific correspondent. Her letters to relatives and friends, fellow writers, editors, politicians and journalists offer fascinating insights into her ideas, her writing workshop, and her keen support for social issues. We are witness to friendships and disputes, arguments and recognition, to the self-discovery of one of the leading women writers in the twentieth century.

Editor Sabine Wolf talks to Gerhard Wolf about Christa Wolf’s oeuvre of letters, with readings by Dagmar Manzel. The volume of letters from Christa Wolf’s posthumous papers is published by Suhrkamp Verlag.

Tuesday, 6 Dec 2016

8 pm

Deutsches Theater
Schumannstr. 13
10117 Berlin

With Sabine Wolf, Gerhard Wolf, Dagmar Manzel

In German language

€ 10


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