Péter Nádas: Aufleuchtende Details

Book Premiere

Péter Nádas (b. 1942 in Budapest) kindled storms of enthusiasm with Parallel Stories, his magnum opus, in Germany 2012, which was lauded as a lifework, masterpiece and a work of the century. The author’s powerful novel has now been augmented by the publication of his memoirs. According to Nádas, every event has an effect on all  other events – whether in politics or in personal life stories. As in his novels, the great European narrator does not follow the divergent interconnections chronologically, but associatively. Welcoming address by Friedrich Christian Delius.

Thursday, 16 Nov 2017

8 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Reading: Péter Nádas

Welcoming address: Friedrich Christian Delius

Introduction: Jörg Plath

In German

€ 6/4


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