"He who suffers, cuts"

Film and Talk

The event motto connects the existential themes of farewell, displacement and flight in the past and present. In the process, the thread runs from Heartfield’s exile to that of other displaced artists. Video artists and filmmakers Marcel Odenbach and Gavin Hodge, composer Helmut Oehring, Angela Lammert and Michael Krejsa will talk about old and new conflicts of flight and places of retreat.

Sunday, 19 Jun 2022

3 pm

Schwarzer Weg 12
15377 Waldsieversdorf

Film, Talk & Music

With Marcel Odenbach, Helmut Oehring, Gavin Hodge, Angela Lammert and Michael Krejsa

Music: Adumá-Saxophonquartett

In German

Free admission

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