Hans Scharoun. Architecture on Paper

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Hans Scharoun, whose estate is kept in the Akademie’s Architectural Archives, was one of the most important architects in Germany. His utopian drawings are being honoured for the first time in this comprehensive exhibition. The architect, who was endowed with great drawing skills, let his imagination run wild as an inventor of space on paper. Scharoun‘s visionary designs are masterpieces of modernism that are still highly topical today.
Selected drawings by Scharoun will be presented at the event.

Hans Scharoun. Architektur auf Papier. Visionen aus vier Jahrzehnten (1909-1945)
Published by Eva-Maria Barkhofen in collaboration with Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Deutscher Kunstverlag, Berlin/München 2022
324 pages, 283 illustrations
In German
ISBN 978-3-422-98763-0
€ 52

To be published in November 2022

Friday, 25 Nov 2022

6 pm



Welcome: Werner Heegewaldt
Lecture: Eva-Maria Barkhofen

In German

Free admission