Saturday, 23 June 2018
1 – 3 pm

Resignation, Disenchantment and Reenchantment 

Sara Ahmed (Independent Postcolonial Scholar and Feminist Writer, London)
David Scott (Chair, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University, New York City)
Moderation: Nikita Dhawan

The violent past of colonialism initially gave way to hope for change and the euphoria of post-independence. However, the momentum that once animated anti-colonial aspirations must face up to the brutality of postcolonial realities. The project of decolonization has shifted from a resistant form of anti-colonialism defined as the overcoming of colonial subservience to a tragic mode plagued by failures and resignations. With the endemic problems of economic, social, and political inequality, echoing earlier slogans of anti-colonialism seems "out of place" in the face of deep malaise and looming crises. Given these impossible conditions how do we script our hope, desire and imaginaries to overcome the disillusioned present?


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