20.12.2023, 14 Uhr

New release - Manfred Miersch: subharmonisch

The Studio for Electroacoustic Music in co-operation with krautopia records releases the CD subharmonisch by Manfred Miersch.

With the invention of the trautonium around 1930 and its development into the mixed trautonium from 1948, as well as the invention of the sub-harp chord from 1960, electronic sounds were presented that are still very unusual today. The CD picks up on the approaches of that time and takes them into the future. An original subharchord from the Studio for Electroacoustic Music at the Academy of Arts, a reconstructed mixed trautonium after Oskar Sala, as well as a completely new subharmonic instrument, the "Var-Q-Lator" developed and built by Hajo Wiechers, were used. The CD has already been named release of the month by field notes.