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Open Call: International Fellowship Human-Machine

For the third time, the JUNGE AKADEMIE of the Akademie der Künste, in partnership with VISIT, the artist-in-residence programme of the E.ON foundation, will award a fellowship to fund international projects dealing with the topic “Human-Machine”. This year, two grants will be awarded, each endowed with 20,000 euros including project money. Artists from all disciplines can apply online for the 2022 funding round.

Application Deadline: May 16, 2022

>> Please find the German call here


The complex relationship between human and machine has been the subject of art and artistic practice since the beginning of the Industrial Age. In the face of digitalisation, the topic has taken on new meaning worldwide with artificial intelligence, its possibilities and dark sides. In contrast to the machine concept of industrialisation, the digital ecosystem of artificial intelligence is ushering in the second machine age. This is having an effect on our intellectual abilities similar to that of the steam engine on physical strength. Self-developing algorithmic systems have already made their mark on our perception, stimulating, regulating and controlling our behaviour, making decisions and bringing new forms of the authoritarian and surveillance to the fore. Against this background, fundamental philosophical, economic, ecological and ethical concepts as well as images of the world we live in are being questioned by the new human-machine interfaces. They shift through new types of networking, interaction and collaboration between human and machine or are completely transformed. On the other hand, there is the proclamation of alternative ways of being human and the body in relation to nature and technology.

By discussing concepts, playing out scenarios and speculating on futures, the arts can generate a specific aesthetic knowledge in this area. Fictions and utopias around omniscient and sentient machines that turn against humans, develop desires and seek freedom as well as human immortality fantasies dominate the Western cultural imagination.

The Human-Machine programme funds international artists of all disciplines who foster new ideas of patterns, narrations and approaches to the world and who explore urgent aspects of today’s societies and the planet and transform their research into aesthetically compelling forms. The topics and projects of the programme will be presented in a range of different formats and a final exhibition.

The idea of artistic research and the multidisciplinary approach are what connect the Akademie der Künste’s JUNGE AKADEMIE and VISIT. The perspective of art, science and business are to be connected in the context of the programme in order to facilitate comprehensive answers to current societal issues. A joint exhibition programme and accompanying discourse formats will serve to support this process and make it available to the public.

Application scope

Artists from all disciplines are eligible to apply.

The thematic fellowship will be advertised three times until the end of 2022. Each fellowship is endowed with EUR 20,000 respectively and can be used for fees, travel cost, production costs and documentation. It must be possible to show the project in the context of an exhibition/presentation. Fellows shall also be given the opportunity to stay at one of the Akademie der Künste’s studios in Berlin’s Hansaviertel district as a guest.

New partner of the VISIT-Network is the E-WERK Luckenwalde which awards two fellowships on the topic of “Energy” also together with the E.ON Stiftung. The fellows of both the thematic programs are selected by a joint jury. The partnership aims to connect the artists and to deepen questions on sustainability in the field of digital technologies. All artists will have the opportunity to take advantage of the production and studio spaces at E-WERK Luckenwalde for three months. Furthermore, a joint event will be planned for the exhibition spaces at E-WERK which will be announced soon.The call encourages applications from diasporic artists, who need a safe and nurturing opportunity to propel their career.

All of the information on applying is available from the application portal at www.visit-junge-adk.de

The Jury

The fellows will be selected by a joint jury. The members are:

- Inke Arns (director of Hartware, MedienKunstVerein Dortmund)
- Anna Fricke (curator of contemporary art at Museum Folkwang, Essen)
- Johannes Odenthal (Director of Programming of the Akademie der Künste)
- Siegfried Zielinski (Professor for Media Theory, Archaeology and Variantology of the Media at the Berlin University of the Arts, member of the Visual Arts Section of the Akademie der Künste, Berlin)
- and new member: Helen Turner (director and curator at E-WERK Luckenwalde)


Supporting young, international art of all genres is one of the key missions of the Akademie der Künste, which it fulfils through the JUNGE AKADEMIE artist-in-residence programme and by awarding work and residence fellowships. Since 2007, this has been rooted in the statutes of the cultural institution, which is over 300 years old. The programme provides the opportunity to network with members and partners via the Akademie, to creatively exchange ideas in an interdisciplinary context and to develop and present artistic projects – in exhibitions, readings, performances, workshops and open studios. A core aspect of the Akademie’s concept of itself is safeguarding this free and protected space for artistic expression as well as exchange, artistic research, experimentation and encounters across political and cultural borders.

VISIT is the artist-in-residence programme of the E.ON foundation. It invites artists to implement projects relating to energy and its social relevance. In 2010, the foundation started the first two projects – to date, over 20 artists have participated as resident fellows. The aim of the programme is to initiate reciprocal exchange between business and art or artists. Interdisciplinarity and changes of perspective promote understanding of other ways of thinking and help those involved to learn from each other.

Until April 1, you can also apply for the VISIT scholarship on the topic of "Energy", which are also endowed with 20,000 euros. Further information: www.visit-energy.com.


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Contact VISIT:
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Contact E-Werk:
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