3.6.2022, 11 Uhr

The "AI Anarchies" Autumn School: Experiments in Study

13 – 20 October 2022

The interdisciplinary Autumn School "AI Anarchies" focuses on the current debate on artificial intelligence and ethics and brings together global communities of artists, scholars, cultural producers and culture hackers, technologists, and activists. It will focus on creating new modes of feeling, thinking and relating to the topic of AI Ethics. Through talks, performances, screenings, and participatory workshops, attendees will be asked to contribute to collective discussion about AI technologies and the social, cultural, and political realities they emerge from and shape.

The "AI Anarchies" Autumn School is curated by Maya Indira Ganesh and Nora N. Khan. It is part of the "AI Anarchies" project by the JUNGE AKADEMIE of Akademie der Künste, Berlin, which also includes an artist residency programme for six artists and a concluding exhibition in June, 2023 at the Akademie. "AI Anarchies" is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

More information on the curatorial framework of Autumn School and submission requirements can be found here: https://junge-akademie.adk.de/en/articles/die-ai-anarchies-herbstakademie/.



The Autumn School will be organized in relation to three parts of the day: provocative morning debates in which leading thinkers publicly develop new positions; afternoon workshops as a collective practice of propositions, a way of conducting research with one another; followed by evening performances, lectures, and screenings in which the day’s conversations unravel toward new, sideways reflections. The Autumn School is an in-person event at the Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10 in Berlin, Germany. It will take place between October 13–20, 2022. 



The "AI Anarchies" Autumn School invites international artists, scholars, cultural producers and culture hackers, technologists, and activists who work with AI as a topic, and/or AI technologies in the broadest sense to form a study group. It is open to emerging artists and all who are “young at heart,” with varied expertise in the arts, sciences, activism, pedagogy, and cultural practice.

We are looking for applicants who will deeply engage with the school’s topics and discussions over the course of seven days and be an active part of the community then and after. Selected applicants are offered free access to all the School’s workshops, lectures, performances, and screenings, as well as catering.  


Application deadline: July 11, 2022
Notification: July 25, 2022  



Please send one PDF (5MB max. / 2 pages max.) with CV, links, and a short statement on your motivation (3,000 characters incl. spaces max.) to aianarchies@adk.de.


Selected workshops and events of the Autumn School will also be opened to a wider audience in September 2022.


The Autumn School is curated by Maya Indira Ganesh and Nora N. Khan and directed together with Clara Herrmann, head of JUNGE AKADEMIE. The programme "AI Anarchies" is supported by the German Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media.