DEMO:POLIS – Decentralized Music Decentralizing the Immobile


The Ensemble LUX:NM and the composer and performer Matthias Kaul experimentally transfer to instruments a technique known in the digital world as “morphing.” Microphones and wires transmit the sound of the “immobile” concert grand from one instrument to the next so that a new sound is created at the end of the chain from many particularw sounds.Even the building’s other immobile features, such as banisters and built-in cabinets, are connected to one another in a similar manner, recorded and set into (virtual) motion through sound. The installations using Soundlazer loudspeakers also employ technically elaborate means to vary the theme of mobility vs. immobility. And throughout the building visitors will find Matthias Kaul’s Walkmen, small “hearing aids,” which only produces sound if the listener moves with them and senses the materials of the building acoustically.

13–19 Apr, daily, 10 am–6 pm
Matthias Kaul Walkmen

13–19 Apr / daily, 3 pm
Matthias Kaul Unter Druck
a study in listening, conducted with five cooling vessels, with a focus on low air pressure, excess pressure, vacuum and the upper limits

Programme of the concert

Matthias Kaul Sounds & Transports UA

Matthias Kaul History Transports UA

Jaroslaw Plonka Fading urban landscape

Jef Chippewa cabinet de curiosités Nr. 05 & Nr. 07

& results of the project’s working phase

Decentralized Music 30 March - 19 April 2016
In the context of the exhibition DEMO:POLIS, composers and ensembles are working on ideas for a public, mobile music. They develop and carry out their concepts in respective one-week localized sessions in and around the Academy building on Hanseatenweg. Each Tuesday there are ensemble presentations as final touches to the working phases of their projects.

Tuesday, 19 Apr 2016

8 pm


Hall 2

Matthias Kaul & Ensemble LUX:NM, Berlin
Free admission