Programme Night

In teams, Academy fellows have developed ten transdisciplinary projects on the subject of “The Right to Public Space” for the exhibition DEMO:POLIS.  “Present People,” centrally located in the atrium, refers to an artistic intervention by all the fellows in the neighbouring Hansaviertel. Further works deal with aspects such as spaces of joint responsibility, the revival of social meeting points, respect for the other, and surveillance. In the Programme Night the Academy fellows present their projects together with the Academy members Kathrin Röggla, Peter Zlonicky, Manos Tsangaris, Nele Hertling.

Opening, 8pm

The Pastoralists' Manifesto of a Neurotic Nature
Liat Elkayam, Sebastian Gräfe
Welcome Address: Kathrin Röggla, Vice President of the Akademie der Künste
Introductory Talk: Christian Schneegass, Head of the JUNGE AKADEMIE

8.45 pm (Halle 3)
Artist Talk with fellows about the projects "Present People", "Post I Opticon", "Al Halqa - Storytelling Box"
Presentation: Peter Zlonicky

9.30 pm
Water Music Suite No. 2
Warnow Version
Sebastian Gräfe, Matthias Kranebitter
Concert performance for five trombonists
Video installation with three monitors
HD video, loops, c. 6 min. each

Composition for the Honorable Reception of a River Flowing into the Sea

On its arrival at the sea, a river has expanded to its maximum size – and it ends at the same time. To
mark this occasion a brass band plays a piece written especially for the river and thereby pays it a special
tribute. The musical and aesthetic qualities of moving bodies of water flow into the composition. Moreover,
the sound is guided directly into the water. The piece does not map the river, nor it is a question of a simple homage; instead the work is translated back into the language of the river.

Trombones: Florian Juncker, Matthias Müller, Thomas Moore, Alon Stoler, Vladimir Veres

9.45 pm
Artist Talk with fellows about the projects "Wassermusik Suite No. 2", "Piedras Apiladas", "Relax / Now!"
Moderation: Kathrin Röggla, Manos Tsangaris

10.30 pm
"Morph Us"
Caitlin van der Maas, Otavio Schipper, Amir Teymuri
HD video about the performance, loop, c. 15 min.

A research project about the metamorphoses of the body in public space. The public body moves differently from the private body. On the border of acting and dance, a dancer examines the public body and the way it is transforming. In a play with music composed by Amir Teymuri and staged by Otavio Schipper, the dancer finds her way through the public space by going into higher spheres.

Directed by / concept: Caitlin van der Maas
composer: Amir Teymuri; installation: Otavio Schipper
Performer: Jiseon Kwon

11 pm
Artist Talk with fellows about the projects "Morph Us", "Yous, Stranger",
Moderation: Nele Hertling, Kathrin Röggla

Followed by aftershow party with DJ

This event is part of the programme of the exhibtion "DEMO:POLIS - The Right to Public Space".

Saturday, 12 Mar 2016

Concert, performance, discussion, party.
Free admission