Swapping Crisis for City
New Platforms of International Cultural Exchange

Curator's Tour and Panel Discussion

6 pm
Curator’s Tour with Wilfried Wang through the DEMO:POLIS exhibition (Halls 1-3)
Free admission.
Registration: https://www.menschenbewegen-2016.de/akbp/

7 pm
Panel Discussion "Swapping Crisis for City: New Platforms of International Cultural Exchange"
Free admission. German and English with whispering simultaneous interpretation.
Registration: https://www.menschenbewegen-2016.de/akbp/

The Goethe-Institut presents its WE-TRADERS project in the Urban Parliament convened as part of the DEMO:POLIS exhibition. How can public space be conceived for the 21st century? Is it a location of participative processes and social discourse? For many years, the Goethe-Institute abroad has been working together with civil society initiatives in metropolises within Europe and around the world. From art projects to co-working spaces or groups of neighbours, these initiatives are all seeking to transform their environments and cities to enhance liveability. Worldwide platforms have been created to network these initiatives and share local solutions and global concerns. The international panel and discussion participants at the Akademie der Künste are focusing on the role played here by international cooperations and which artistic and urbanistic strategies are most fruitful. The latest developments in the WE-TRADERS – Swapping Crisis for City project are presented as exemplary of a transnational production platform running over several years.

Johannes Odenthal, Programme Officer, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Johannes Ebert, Secretary General Goethe-Institut

Angelika Fitz
Elke Rauth and Rose Epple

Ravi Agarwal, artist and curator, New Delhi
Marilyn Douala Bell, President of Doual'Art, Cameroon
Rose Epple, designer, Berlin
Angelika Fitz, Director designate Architekturzentrum Wien
Elke Rauth, Director of the international Festival urbanize!, Vienna
Wilfried Wang, architect, journalist, Berlin

Thursday, 14 Apr 2016

An event organised by the Goethe-Institut and the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

6 pm  Curator’s Tour with Wilfried Wang through the DEMO:POLIS exhibition.
7 pm  Panel Discussion "Swapping Crisis for City: New Platforms of International Cultural Exchange".

Free admission. Registration requested.