DEMO:POLIS – The Universal Declaration of Urban Rights / Urban Parliament
# 4: Mobility in Berlin - What drives us?


An Urban Parliament serves as infrastructure to draft a Berlin Urban Rights Chart (UR_BER) in a series of five public parliamentary working sessions. Members of city initiatives and other experts are invited to debate a specific issue at each session, together with the public. The common aim is to establish new fundamentals for the use of Berlin’s public spaces, and to apply them in a collective UR_BER city map of alternative urban practices. In a final session, this UR_BER Chart with concrete demands will be handed over to Berlin policy makers. Let’s make Berlin together!

The Urban Parliament is part of the project Universal Declaration of Urban Rights. It was conceieved by the collective Zuloark, and already performed in several European cities. The Berlin edition is curated by Julia Förster, with the support of Andreas Krüger.

Parliamentary session # 4: Mobility in Berlin - What drives us?
Public transport, cycle paths, pedestrian zones, noise protection: what drives us in Berlin? What priority is given to the right to mobility? How are mobility and transport related to each other, and how do they affect the use of public space? How socially and environmentally sustainable is the transport in Berlin organized? Does the current infrastructure still meet the mobility needs of people and the urban and global development? What alternative models do exist?

Guests:  Aljoscha Hofmann (Think Berl!in – Initiative für Stadtdiskurs), Claudia Brückner, Stefan Lieb (Umkehr e.V.), Karl-Heinz Ludewig ( – Netzwerk Solidarische Mobilität), Michael Spenner (Blog TrippleB-"Berliner Begegnungszone Bergmannstraße"), Heinrich Strößenreuther (Volksentscheid Fahrrad & Initiative Clevere Städte), Simon Wöhr (Radbahn Berlin)
Moderation: Carolin Ackermann & Andreas Krüger

Place: Urban Parliament in the exhibition space

This event is part of the programme of the exhibtion "DEMO:POLIS - The Right to Public Space".


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

7 pm


Hall 2

Parliamentary Session with city initiatives, experts and visitors.
Free admission to event and exhibition space from 6 pm, discussion begins at 7 pm
In German language