In a foreign world "The Struma"

Film and Talk

Going beyond the daily flood of images that inform our news, the four films selected provide insights into the fates of people who are fleeing their homelands. They allow the past and the present to be reconsidered, yet appear frighteningly and alarmingly close to us.

In cooperation with the Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg.

"The Struma", directed by Simcha Jacobovici, Canada 2001, 90 Min., English OV
In 1941 nearly 800 Romanian Jews board a refugee ship bound for Palestine. Britain, enforcing its policy to limit Jewish immigration to Palestine, puts pressure on the Turks not to let the ship pass. The Turks tow the disabled Struma out into the Black Sea. In 2000 the grandson of two Struma passengers leads an international team of elite divers to find the watery grave of his grandparents.

Introductory lecture by Wolfgang Benz (in German)

Friday, 17 Jun 2016

7 pm



Documentary by Simcha Jacobovici, Canada 2001, 90 Min. English original version.
Introduction: Wolfgang Benz.
€ 6/4


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