Programme Night

In April and May, the JUNGE AKADEMIE brings together 25 international artists from all areas in a series of diverse dialogues. The Programme Night marks the start of AGORA ARTES, the presentation of works by last year’s Akademie Fellows. The programme begins with a dance piece in the Studio. The other events range from discussions to performances, readings, transdisciplinary artistic experiments and laboratories, and include many products of team work. The "AGORA ARTES / Interplay of the Arts" exhibition is on show until mid-May.


6 pm
Dance performance: Rima Pipoyan

6:30 pm
Performance: Jason Danino Holt

6:45 pm
Welcome: Kathrin Röggla, Vice president of the Akademie der Künste
Introduction: Christian Schneegass, Head of the JUNGE AKADEMIE

7 pm
Performance: Paulette Penje

7:30 pm
Artist’s Talks, Presentation: Nele Hertling (Member) and Hubertus von Amelunxen (Member)

8:30 pm
Performance: Rima Pipoyan

8:45 pm
Performance: Jason Danino Holt

9:15 pm
Music performance: Niklas Seidl

9:30 pm
Artist’s Talks, Presentation: Nele Hertling

10:30 pm
Reading and discussion: Kaan Koç with Kathrin Röggla

11 pm
Reading and discussion: Sergey Lebedev with Thomas Lehr (Member)

11:30 pm
Classic music from Cuba: Sunlay Almeida Rodriguez

Saturday, 29 Apr 2017

Concert, performance, discussions

Free admission

In German and English language

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