JUNGE AKADEMIE: AGORA ARTES / Interplay of the Arts


In April and May, the JUNGE AKADEMIE (YOUNG ACADEMY) brings together 25 international artists from all areas in a series of diverse dialogues. The Programme Night on 29 Apr 2017 marks the start of AGORA ARTES, the presentation of works by last year’s Akademie Fellows. The AGORA ARTES / Interplay of the Arts exhibition is shown in a two-week hall installation at Hanseatenweg until mid-May. In video, sound and room installations, María Korol and Robel Temesgen (Visual Arts), Martina Schlusnus (Architecture), Elena Rykova and Niklas Seidl (Music), Kaan Koç and Sergey Lebedev (Literature), Jason Danino Holt and Rima Pipoyan (Performing Arts), Elena Zieser and Rafael Jové (Film and Media Arts) as well as Paulette Penje (Saarland Fellowship) present the results of their teamwork.

In addition to solo works in this year’s final presentations by artist fellows from all the sections of the Akademie der Künste, the JUNGE AKADEMIE  is once again showing numerous new productions developed on the basis of collaborative teamwork between the arts. These include transdisciplinary experimental set-ups and also stimulating “laboratory” situations, in which something new can be delved into and explored. Such works are first able to effectively unfold in dialogue between differing views on art. The artists often actively involve their audiences, frequently leading to unexpected perceptions, thoughts and innovations that can open our senses to the unconventional, to surprising perspectives, and to unexpected approaches to finding solutions.

30 Apr — 14 May 2017


Hall 3

Presentations by international fellows from all arts

Tue – Sun, 11 am – 7 pm

Free admission

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