EM 4 | Berliner Studios für elektroakustische Musik (11)


Between 1974 and 2006, significant innovations in studio technology emerged from the Technical University of Berlin’s electronic studio. The transformation of the modern digital studio is illustrated by works from this period. At the same time, guest programmes, concert series and cooperation brought the institution to public attention. The evening is devoted to electro-acoustic productions realised during this era at the TU. With works by Herbert Brün, Ricardo Mandolini, László Dubrovay, Unsuk Chin, Mario Verandi, Robin Minard and Horacio Vaggione.

Followed by a conversation with Folkmar Hein, former director of the TU Berlin's Electronic Music Studio.

The EM4 concert series is a collaboration between the Akademie der Künste's Studio for Electroacoustic Music, the Electronic Music Studio TU Berlin, the STEAM electronic studio at Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler”, the UNIK studio and the Master's program Sound Studies at Berlin University of the Arts.

Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018

8 pm


Studio Lobby

Productions of the Elektronische Studio of the TU Berlin between 1974 and 2006 

€ 8/6


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