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In the context of the "Free Music Production/FMP: The Living Music" exhibition, in collaboration with Peter Brötzmann, the Akademie der Künste has curated two days in the spirit of the Total Music Meeting and the Workshop Freie Musik (Free Music Workshop). Starting in 1968, FMP succeeded in establishing a new kind of concert situation with these formats at the Akademie der Künste, Quasimodo and various other venues in Berlin. "From 1970," recalls Jost Gebers, co-founder and long-time director of Free Music Production, "we created a consistent free jazz programme at the workshop with two large platforms in the exhibition hall (of the Akademie der Künste on Hanseatenweg). It has now become apparent that our first attempt to bring this music out of the concert halls and the clubs into open spaces was right. The constraints on musicians and audiences could thus be considerably reduced."

On 06 and 07 April, the founding fathers of FMP, Peter Brötzmann (saxophone) and Alexander von Schlippenbach (piano) will be on stage again in tried and tested as well as completely new combinations. Brötzmann, along with von Schlippenbach, has shaped the history of international improvised music like no other. Two of Peter Brötzmann's oldest companions, Andrew Cyrille (drums) from New York and Han Bennink (drums) from Amsterdam, will also be thereboth evenings. Bennink was already on the first FMP record, European Echoes, and formed the first important Brötzmann trio together with Fred Van Hove. Since the early 1980s, Cyrille has played with Brötzmann in various contexts time and time again. He is one of the most influential American free jazz musicians and first generation free jazz drummers of all time. Swiss musicians Marino Pliakas (bass) and Michael Müller (drums) have been part of Brötzmann's Full Blast ensemble since 2006. Together with Marino Pliakas, Wertmüller, who is very successful internationally as a composer of classical music, forms one of the most dynamic and varied rhythm groups ever. Heather Leigh (steel guitar) has been playing with Peter Brötzmann as part of a duo for more than two years. Keiji Haino is Brötzmann's congenial brother in noise music. Since the early 1980s, the Japanese musician has played uncompromisingly on the borders of the physical kinetic energy of music. Whether as a duo with Brötzmann, as a trio with Brötzmann and Heather Leigh, or as a quartet with Brötzmann and his trio Fushitsusha, Haino always offers unique, existential experiences.

Visitors can expect two euphoriant and intense evenings as well as the chance to experience spontaneous composition and improvisation as a communicative process.

Saturday, 7 Apr 2018

8 pm



Peter Brötzmann (saxophone), Heather Leigh (steel guitar), Han Bennink (drums), Alexander von Schlippenbach (piano), Andrew Cyrille (drums), Keiji Haino (electric guitar), Marino Pliakas (bass), Michael Wertmüller (drums)

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