Underground and Improvisation. Books ReBoostert


The American artist Arnold Dreyblatt, who was born in New York, and the Czech-German writer Jan Faktor met in reunified Berlin. Faktor was one of the three speakers in Dreyblatt's project "Who's Who in Central & Eastern Europe 1933" and contributed an essay to the book of the same name. The publication is based on Dreyblatt's Hypertext-Opera, created in 1991 within the context of the DAAD programme. Faktor was involved at an early stage in the underground literary scene of the former GDR, where his 1981/83 text Parallelepiped for two voices was created and first performed in private circles. Books ReBoostert explores the finding of the "Book of Books". Dreyblatt's video presentation of his Who's Who project will be shown at the launch, as well as the reconstruction and reinterpretation of the 10,000 historical biographies of the historical-biographical dictionary. Jan Faktor will be presenting excerpts from his unpublished reading of 1983 and describing his systematic search for suitable word sequences and their phonetic manipulations for the construction of his pioneering linguistic text.

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

6 pm


Hall 2

Lecture: Arnold Dreyblatt, Jan Faktor

In German

Free admission